The Art of Taking Stunning Family Photos

The Craftsmanship of Taking Stunning Family Photos

Taking family photographs is a past time for many, but a passion for a few. In our day to day lives, the majority of us merely have fun with taking pictures, uploading them to the online world, sharing them and preserving them for years to come. Photos are our way of looking back and preserving the special moments in our worlds – those memorable occasions never to re-occur. Succeeding in taking stunning family photos and making them seem authentic is definitely a fine art by itself – a separate craft from the common point-and-shoot snapshots – and it really is undoubtedly only some professionals that can capture the moment and make the picture say more than a thousand words.

Beautiful natural backdrops for stunning photographs

Kylie Filmalter (of Snugglebugs Studios), is someone for whom photography is a passion and a lifestyle.  She specializes in taking photos of infants, toddlers (especially kids birthday cake smashes), maternity, child birth, children and families. She lives in Murrumba Downs, (near North Lakes, Petrie, Mango Hill, Griffin and Bribie Island in the Moreton Bay Region) on the Northside of Brisbane. She loves taking photos in natural lighting and settings around locations such as John Oxley Park and towards the Sunshine Coast. All of the above are interesting suburban areas with natural settings that can make beautiful photos that without a doubt will catch the eye – whether everyday snapshots or professional holiday season photos for Christmas, Mothers Day and other types of special occasions where premium family photos are a joy to give and share.

Located in sunny Brisbane there certainly are plenty locations that serves as a beautiful backdrops. There are several rustic style properties which create the perfect setting for that stunning photograph. Known for the beaches and parks – the ideal climate here paves the way for a tranquil and most comfortable life as well as providing oceanfront and scenic backdrops like nowhere else – an ideal setting for perfect photos.

A picture says a thousand words

It is not only kids who enjoy to have their photographs taken, but also adults, since it gives them an opportunity to seize a point in time and preserve it for life. Beholding honest, tender pictures, loaded with emotions, always melts one’s heart and it is an atmosphere which can forever be preserved and treasured, whether offline or on the web in galleries like Pinterest or Instagram. Around the Brisbane area, in locations such as North Lakes, Petrie and Murramba Downs are many families coming from very diverse cultures and customs, who all have fun with having their pictures taken – both adults and children alike. The testimonials Kylie receives prove that she is often appreciated for her talent and she has a track record of shooting superior quality photographs with a very real emotional element.

Studio or outdoor – Keeping it Natural is the Key to successful photographs

A person can not only appreciate the visual aspects of photographs, but also pick up more about the person through the images. In this way Snugglebug Studios has gone to demonstrate that it is not crucial to have complicated lighting, layers of makeup, or a designer outfit for someone to look amazing and to resonate warmth and character. Just be yourself and permit your individuality and spontaneous expressions to shine through the photographs, taken in a natural atmosphere without “unnatural additives”.

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