Hudson’s Birth ~ Melbourne birth photography

The birth of baby Hudson!

Well I am shocked at how this all happened and thought I would miss my first birth! On Friday January 18th Kelly went into labor! I was in Hampton Park, in the South East Suburbs of Melbourne doing a timeline shoot and catching up with a girlfriend of mine (I used to live down that way!) I get a call in the afternoon from Nigel, Kelly’s husband, informing me that they were at the hospital and she was 3 cm dilated! With Kelly’s previous pregnancies, they have been quick labors so I had to make the decision whether or not to make the 1 hour and 15 minute drive, possibly more in peak hour traffic to be there….. The thing is I did have my camera on me BUT I had 3 of my children with me…. I called my dad and asked him to mind them, he was OK with that and he said that he would drop them off afterwards saving me the drive back to collect! So here I am on my merry way, excited THEN I get a text saying we’ve been sent home! I quickly took the next exit off the freeway and pulled over to give Kelly a call. They were told to go home and come back when contractions get closer which the midwives all thought would be later on that night…. If that did  happen I would not have been able to make it, My husband does shift work and was on a night shift and I had no one to mind the kids, so I was so sure I would miss it 🙁

The next day I had a market to attend, I had my first stall at the Highlands market and all day I kept my phone close by waiting for THE call…. I kept thinking to myself just stay in there a little longer buddy lol….I got updates during the day that the labor has stopped! WOW I couldn’t believe it, he was keeping us all on our toes! It was now Sunday and my husband is now on his days off so I was available if it was to happen today! 🙂

The plan had been set, Monday was the day Kelly was to be induced, I knew this a long time ago and it worked out perfectly, I knew my husbands work schedule and knew he would have the day off 🙂 so perfect timing…..

I didn’t sleep well that night, I guess it was a bit of nerves and excitement? My first birth…. how will I go? Sure, I have been in the “hot seat” many times but never on the other side photographing someone elses birth! Although I was present at my nephews birth in 1995!

I was up early on Monday and made my way over to the Mercy Hospital, I thought I may get stuck in traffic so best to leave a little early…. I arrived at 8:10 am and found a car park, It was only a 3 hour spot, I was thinking it was going to be quick so it should be OK.

I get a text shortly after at 8 am…. the waters have been broken! I then made my way up to their room, keeping in mind that the past birth was very quick, under 2 hours I think if i remember correctly? Anyhow days before hand, I did mention that I will not be in the room the whole time, I did leave and give them some space every now and then and I could hear what was going on with the midwives, so I left when examinations were to be done etc…. ( I was never asked to leave at any time)

It’s now 10 am and contractions were  happening, they were a bit more regular and were getting stronger…

Kelly wanted to hop in the shower for pain relief, she was hoping for a drug free delivery.

At 12 pm nurses do an examination and find Kelly to be only 5 cm dilated 🙁 4 hours had gone by and now after finding out she is only half way she asked for an epidural.

The nurses offer Pethedine so she gives it a go, a few minutes later before it’s kicked in Kelly still demands an epidural, I could feel her pain 🙁  I was not directly in the room but behind the curtain near the door, I didn’t need to be in there but when I waited outside in the hall way, I was asked to leave by another nurse who had just came on duty! Um hello I am the birth photographer, I need to be here! Anyhow, the anesthetist was called…. this was at about 12:20…. Kelly’s contractions were getting closer and closer and very painful…. The nurses wanted to give another examination before the epidural is given. Approximately 10 minutes later the antestist steps into the room, I am still behind the curtain, she looks at me probably wondering who is this lady with this big camera and flash…. I say hi, they are just examining her right now then we hear the words, Kelly! You are fully dilated!! You can now start to push! Then the anesthetist says well I’m no longer needed and walks out…. lol this was at 12:30!! Just half hour earlier she was only 5 cm!! I was gobsmacked….. I then stepped back into the room to get ready to photograph this little man’s entrance!!

After 10 minutes of pushing Master Hudson was born at 12:41 pm on the January 21st weighing 7 lb 3 oz!

So after all the drama at the start, I was there to capture the birth and I am very thankful that they chose me to capture this very special and intimate moment between them!

I spent 7 hours at the hospital and was a tad nervous heading back to my car in fear I would have a parking ticket…..  There was nothing, phew! 🙂

I am happy to say that I am now offering birth photography packages, so if you have been thinking about doing this then drop me a line and have a chat with me today, enjoy and savour the moment with your hubby/partner and let me do all the work of capturing everything!

Below is just a snippet of some of the 150 images they received! 🙂 Enjoy!


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Hi, my name is Kylie and I am the photographer at Snugglebug Studios! I am based in Craigieburn, Melbourne and offer birth, maternity, newborn, baby, child, family and cake smash sessions.

Photography has been a passion of mine for quite some time. My main focus is newborn photography, capturing babies aged 5 to 10 days. I use a combination of both natural and studio lighting in my Craigieburn home studio.

Most sessions take place during the week with only a handful of weekend sessions available per month so please if you want a weekend date book ahead to avoid disappointment as they are normally the first to go!


I look forward to meeting you and your family!




Lorna - Beautiful Kylie! What a wonderful memory for that family!

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